Laboratorio Nacional de Análisis y Síntesis Ecológica (LANASE)

The Laboratorio Nacional de Análisis y Síntesis Ecológica s a Multidisciplinary Scientific Research Center whose purpose is the analysis and synthesis of ecological information of genetic resources using state-of-the-art technology such as genomics and bioinformatics. It generates and motivates the formation of collective work groups between science and society with the purpose of sharing new scientific information that promotes the use and conservation of natural and genetic resources. LANASE promotes the formation of interdisciplinary research groups through the issuance of open calls that invite researchers to submit proposals for original research and synthesis of information on genetic resources.

LANASE has a node in the Unidad Académica de Desarollo Sustentable , Campus Costa Grande of the Universidad Autónoma de Guerrero , whose objective is to promote knowledge of the ecology and natural and genetic resources of the State of Guerrero through scientific research. The UAGro headquarters has a computer site connected to the main LANASE computing site in the ENES-Morelia, with remote access to some of its resources. It also has a video-conference room, a multipurpose room and an Ecology Laboratory. If you are interested in collaborating in research projects in Guerrero, contact us.


The Laboratorio Nacional de Análisis y Síntesis Ecológica has as mission to provide physical and technological infrastructure to favor the meeting of groups of scientists interested in carrying out multidisciplinary research projects. Promote active collaboration among scientists of various ecological disciplines to perform data synthesis and previous research in order to generate basic and applied knowledge for the management and conservation of natural resources.