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Molecular Genetic Analysis

Massive nucleic acid sequencing is an important part of many research projects in different areas of Biological and Medical Sciences; Obtaining this information quickly and with high quality standards can represent a limitation for the development of such projects

LANASE has a next-generation sequencer Illumina NextSeq 550 that allows to obtain expression profiles, exome sequencing or complete genome and mRNA sequencing with high levels of coverage in short times once the material is ready for sequencing. Likewise, the equipment with which LANASE counts offers the possibility to perform scanning of arrays (microarrays) made using Illumina's BeadArray technology.

The sequences obtained by means of the Illumina NextSeq 550 can be assembled automatically by means of the native platform of the equipment or they can be extracted for their processing with other computer tools.


  • Construction and sequencing of metabarcoding libraries for studies of
  • biodiversity, use and availability of genetic resources.
  • Genotyping of honey bees by multiple amplicons
  • Sequencing of genomes, transcriptomes, exomes and epigenomes
  • Dual indexing and library sequencing
Real-time PCR and HRM analysis
  • Identification of pathogenic and nonpathogenic organisms by qPCR
  • Quantification of genomic and metagenomic libraries
  • Detection of genetic variants and SNPs by HRM
Capillary electrophoresis
  • Determining the size of genomic and metagenomic libraries
  • Detection of genetic variants by analysis of DNA fragments
Nucleic Acid Extraction
  • Extraction of DNA from non-model organisms and from environmental samples
  • RNA extraction from both organisms and environmental samples
  • Simultaneous DNA and RNA extraction
Other Services
  • Particle counter
  • Capture and analysis of samples under epifluorescence